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Adsense for feeds

May 20, 2005 — So Dylan, how many people subscribe to the mboffin rss feeds? More than a hundred? You might wanna consider Google's new Adsense for RSS feeds to make up a little bit of the bling it takes to run the site.

Dylan says:

Absolutely not.

I do appreciate the concern for the bling it takes to run the site, but I am very much against the idea of including ads in the feeds. For one thing, it would piss me off to get ads in someone else's feeds, so I wouldn't subject others to such annoyances from me.

More importantly, I consider this less my site than your site. Yes, I run it, and yes, I pay the hosting bill, but I run the site for all of you, the community of this site. All of you are the reason people are subscribing to the site's feeds in the first place. It would feel really off to be taking money for ads that would only be clicked on because of the content that all of you are creating on the site.

In terms of traffic the site gets, it's quite a bit. I haven't broken it down into numbers of subscribers to the feeds and whatnot, but we're nearing a million hits for the past couple months. When you post something on this site, it's being read by thousands and thousands of people. I find that kind of neat. :)

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