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Apr 15, 2004 — The technical aspect of this question is directed mainly at Aesopian since I this is his field but any opinions on the design aspect is welcome.

I've been playing with rewriting my urls so that posts are currently accessed by vampirical.com/post/113/ where 113 is the post's id number, to edit that same post the url would be vampirical.com/edit/post/113/, but I'm concerned about two things. The first is spiders, how well do they respond to this sort of structure? For example would vampirical.com/post/113.php be preferable? And the second is a solely visual concern. How does it looks? Does anybody have a certain style they prefer for this?

Aesopian says:

Search engine spiders don't really care if it looks like a directory root or an individual page. So .../113.php and .../113/ are really the same to the search engines. They only really have trouble if you use more than two querysting values, or querystring session IDs.

As for style, I prefer the removal of all file extensions and query strings for URLs. It also serves a useful function, should you ever change what system you are using, since your URLs are not dependent on what technology you are using. For example, if you suddenly changed to ASP all of the sudden, all your .../123.php pages would become useless, whereas .../123/ could be made to keep working.

Check out Cool URIs don't change for the overall theory of what I am talking about, and let me know if you have any more questions.

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