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May 23, 2004 — I'm curious about how the user.mboffin.com vhosts are going to work. I've been playing around with a few vhosts on my site and am curious about how your going to set them up. Since I use zoneedit to point my domain to my poor little dynamic IP I've been unable to play around with wildcard cnames which I assume is what you'll be using and which unfortunately I can't get zoneedit to do for me. How I had hoped to do it with my server was to use apache's mod-rewrite to rewrite user.domain.com to domain.com/userpage.php?user or something similar. I recall some discussion of an IIS rewrite plugin and was curious if MBoffin.com is going to use a similar method or something completely different. Also I'm just sort of generally curious how the user pages are progressing.

Edit: Okay a take it back, the zoneedit is good, the zoneedit is great, I surrender my will as of this date. I got a wildcard A entry working and am working on user pages for my site, username.vampirical.com pages do work but all other navigation and such breaks on them. Example here.

vampirical says:

Well I spoke to soon. I just tried a wildcard A reference instead of a CNAME and it's working fine (stupid me). I'm gonna start playing with that rewrite now.

vampirical says:

Success! http://fairy.vampirical.com/ is as good an example as any (fairy is derekz btw). Right now the only thing really working is a slightly altered version of the front page and everything else is basically a dead end but I think I'll be able to get things ship shape in the next couple of days. Right now it's still using the sort of template of my main site and I think it will be best to seperate the user pages a bit so I'll code up a seperate template-ish-thingy.

If anyone is wondering, I just got out of school for the summer and so I've got time coming out my ears (till Friday when I've got a little trip planned). Happy days.

BiGs112 says:

Woohoo! I start school in about a month :( Lucky you

vampirical says:

Eep! I don't know if this is a glitch in my code or what but my db of referers not has 1048 hits from http://mboffin.com/post.aspx?id=1190 (which is this thread).

vampirical says:

Yeah okay nevermind it must be a bug of some kind because none of my other stats (counter, webalizer logs, etc.) back it up. Weird though.

DataBind() says:

Hey Bigs -- weren't you the one who said you were pregnant?

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