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Holiday Cards

Oct 4, 2007 — I'm working for a really cool custom printing company called tinyprints, we do holiday cards, birth announcements, birthday cards, and the like. We just pushed out a new AJAX card customization system and I've got coupons so go play with it and let me know what you guys think. :) You might find something you like, we've got some really great designers.

15% Off Code: FRIEND52

Wirehead says:

Spam post deleted. Also it broke the site design.

Dylan says:

It takes an amazing amount of work to spam this site. The whole signup process is like the captcha from hell. It would be like switching careers from being a CPA to learning the film trade and working your way up the corporate ladder in LucasFilms until one day you finally get to meet George Lucas face to face so you can yell "Han shot first!!" Okay, well, maybe not quite like that.

Wirehead says:

The anti-spam measures on my Warcraft guild's site are actually part of our recruiting process. If you are defeated by the anti-spammer signup filters, you don't get to join the guild.

vampirical says:

That reminds me of a Vernor Vinge story, True Names. There is a guardian gollem program outside their hangout in the virtual world, quizzes members and if they fail fireballs them or the like. We obviously need to give the signup process fireballs.

Dylan says:

Wirehead says:

Deleted another spam post.

We need to nuke the WPSwhatever account.

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